The Society for Liberty and Prosperity

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Who Are We?

We are a National Organization which has been started as a result of the current threats to our Liberty.  We celebrate our Liberty and Prosperity, such as it is, and devote our time, effort, fortune and lives to promoting the cause of Freedom, and the Preservation of Our Liberty.

Many of Our Elected Representatives have gone around the bend, and disregard the United States Constitution which We, as a Society hold very dear.  Many good men and women have paid the ultimate price for that Constitution, and our Liberty, in their blood.  We should honor them by promoting and supporting groups such as these.

We are watching our Freedom being taken away.  The Enemies of Liberty are among us.  The Society is devoted to revealing those enemies, promoting candidates for office through our PAC, advocating for and teaching Civics to the people so they have the knowledge to resist what is to come.

What do We (The People) Do?

Within the pages of the Bible, the writings of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump and others, are contained the Words of Freedom.  There are three things we must do to support the cause of Liberty.  The fourth is to donate to groups such as the Society for Liberty and Prosperity, and I urge you to donate to the Society today.

LEARN:  We must do all we can to learn about our Government.  Who is in Office now, the historic foundations, what their job is, according to the Constitution, how to be a good Citizen, how to Speak Effectively in Public, what is Right and what is Wrong.  We all must decide what is Good and Evil.

DO:  We must, as we learn, put into practices the ethics of Liberty.  Freedom comes at a cost.  Many have given their lives for our Liberty.  We must be diligent, and viligant.  We must communicate with our Lawmakers and Representatives, including the President. We must live our lives with Honesty and Integrity.  We must respect others, and demand the same in return.  We must praise the good and condemn the evil. 

TEACH:  Once we have learned what we must do, have done it, and found what works; then we must teach others to do the same.  The People perish for a lack of knowledge.  What a man does, so must he teach.  We all have the Good and Evil within us.  We must decide, individually, where to draw the line between them.  We all must then find a meeting place where we can have Unity.  United We Stand, Divided we shall Fall.  Truth today is the same truth which was in times gone by.  The rules haven't changed, only our ignorance of them has changed.  It has actually grown.

"We must hang together, or surely we will hang separately."  We. the Members of the Society for Liberty and Prosperity have all pledged Our Lives, Our Fortune, and Our Sacred Honor; just as Our Forefathers have for the cause of Liberty and Freedom.  We have all sworn an oath to this.  We charge no dues, but we do ask for your support.  Support comes in the form of Money or Effort.  Join today, for the work is great.  There is no shortage of work, just of effort and money.  These are the stumbling blocks we need to overcome.

I want to Help.

The fight for our Liberty is daunting and exhaustive. As our greatest support is on the Internet, that is where we will be focusing much of our attention. Through e-mail and newsletters, we will be working independantly and with other groups in the Fight for Freedom. We will also be working locally, as a grass-roots organization to sponsor rallies promoting Liberty and Prosperity. Our message is clear: Without Liberty there can be No Prosperity.

Please go to our Contact Page for more information on becoming a member. We need all the help we can get.


 More Information

We are fed up with the Elitists currently in Government.  Our taxes will soon be going up, if they haven't already, we will lose our Liberty and become slaves to the Government, and the Government will starve us into submission. The upcoming Energy Bill will see to that.

All this will happen before the Downfall of the United States.  We are dedicated to the Preservation of the Union, Our Language, and Our Culture.  We cannot accomplish these goals as a Nation by allowing Illegal Immigration, Taxing the Citizens into Starvation, and Rewarding Stupid, College Educated Idiots, who waste their money, and ours, and expect the Government to Bail Them Out.

We stand for the ideals of Limited Government, Limited Taxation, and Greater Liberty.  If you wish to help us, please send a donation TODAY to the

Society for Liberty and Prosperity,

PO Box 281

Barbourville, KY   40906

  Also, please send correspondance if you wish to promote the Society in your area.  Chapters are available.  Memberships are also available, and we will respond to your letters, and e-mails



Internal Revenue Service Chapter 501(c)3 Status

According to the United States Internal Revenue Service, the Society for Liberty and Prosperity is a Section 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Company.  All donations to the Society are fully Tax Deductable.  

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has also recognized us as a Non-Profit Organization.



Support our Podcast for Liberty

Podcast for Liberty airs on Saturdays at 7 pm.  We do need your support with this endeavor.  We have advertising time available for sale.  The rates are $5 for a 15 second message, $10 for 30 seconds, and $20 for a full minute.  Sponsorships are also available. 

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